Are You Doing Enough to Protect Your Data?

Data security breaches are on the rise, and e-commerce sites all-too-often provide an easy target.  From payment card information to personal identity and financial data, stolen information represents a constant and increasing threat to online commerce.

Preventing stolen data and providing ongoing monitoring are essential in ensuring that any data breaches are identified, contained and resolved immediately.  The good news is that preventing data theft has become much less daunting, and there are concrete steps every e-tailer can and must take right now. For a high level look at where to begin, see our whitepaper on Network Security 101.

The Fundamentals

Start You Data Security Begins with a Secure E-Commerce Platform

  • Is your platform PCI-compliant?
  • What payment gateways are natively supported by your e-commerce platform?
  • Where does your platform fall along the smooth user experience-optimal data security continuum?

Capitalize on Tools that Provide Enhanced Security

  • Payment card tokenization replaces payment data with an irreversible token identifier that can only be used by the targeted merchant.
  • Around the globe, online security standards are changing and many merchants are looking to 3D Secure technology to protect payment data.  Would this strategy work for you?

Be the First to Know About any Data Breach

  • Have you established system alerts to notify you immediately when suspicious activity occurs?
  • Are there real-time analytics tools installed to track how customers are interacting with your site?
  • Are you performing regular PCI scans to look for potential weaknesses in your security?

Take Action to Reduce or Remediate Data Violations Immediately

  • Do you have a communication plan to inform customers of data vulnerabilities?
  • Are you protected by a fraud management service?
  • Have you established and tested effective disaster recovery procedures in the event of a security failure?
  • Do you patch and update all site components immediately to ensure protection is optimized?

In the News

The Envisa Difference

  • Because our designers are also solution engineers, we design our e-commerce systems with security in mind and select robust and flexible technical architectures to ensure the highest level of security available.
  • We have been called on to provide security remediation when a breach has occurred, and have stood by remediation clients to provide ongoing support.
  • We’ve worked with our clients on payment card tokenization to improve data security.
  • For our clients with global solutions, we’ve led discussions on 3D secure capability to meet and exceed international security requirements.

What We Do

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