Project Description

Work ‘N Gear was looking to support its growing business model by migrating from distinct, outdated ERP and point-of-sale systems and an outsourced e-commerce solution to a new integrated ERP platform.  With full conversion of over ten years of business data and successful implementation of a seemless end-to-end solution, Work ‘N Gear has been able to greatly improve flexibility and service for customers, employees and partners.

The Envisa Solution

After the initial pilot, Work ‘N Gear turned to Envisa to lead the project, including data conversion, e-commerce customization, custom electronic data interface development, testing, end-user training and deployment.  The result?  A custom ERP solution connecting Work ‘N Gear online, physical stores and partners.

The Results

Standardized Data and Improved Access to Information

Envisa successfully mined, cleaned and converted ten years’ of business data, including customer information, product data and inventory, which laid the foundation for both the ERP conversion and future business analytic solutions. Work ‘N Gear reported improved employee, customer and partner satisfaction because of the new, integrated access to e-commerce product catalog, image assets and customer accounts.

Launched Three New Websites and Point-of-Sale Solution

Envisa designed and developed three new websites using ASP.Net Storefront that were integrated with new Raymark ERP solution. Additionally, Envisa deployed a point-of-sale solution to over forty stores without losing a single business day due to system conversion.

Server Migration to In-House Data Center

As part of the new solution, Envisa migrated several virtual servers from a temporary hosting facility to the existing data center, thereby reducing the cost of owning and operating the ERP system.