Project Description

J.N. Phillips is the leader in auto glass, from mobile auto glass service to insurance replacements. When J.N. Phillips wanted help to increase revenue and improve efficiency at corporate headquarters and retail locations, they turned to Envisa. Our challenge was to develop and deploy a new point-of-sale system to the call center and 40 store locations using a redesigned back-end architecture to improve reliability, security and operational use.

The Envisa Solution

Envisa worked with J.N. Phillips to design and develop an enterprise-wide application and supporting infrastructure to allow executives to view store utilization and profitability from anywhere in the J.N. Phillips network. Additionally, Envisa assisted in the rollout of a new point-of-sale system requiring technical and business process training for over 100 employees.

In conjunction with the application development project, Envisa led a team of various technology partners including Verizon, in the deployment of a new WAN architecture across all store locations.

The Results

Reduction in System Downtime

After upgrading the technical architecture supporting J.N. Phillips, Envisa was able to improve system reliability at corporate headquarters and retail locations, thereby reducing system downtime and costly technical support.

Increased Order Volume

By enabling increased access to integrated data across all stores, Envisa provided executives with real-time insight into retail location performance and utilization, resulting in increased order volume and improved procedural efficiency.

Integration with Over 40 Stores

By implementing the new WAN architecture in over forty stores, Envisa helped J.N. Phillips reduce time and money required to develop and deploy system enhancements and improved consistency of consumer experience across branch stores.