Does Your Cross-Channel E-Commerce Make Sense?

Omni-commerce is the customer-driven trend-of-the-moment, but it’s not a passing fancy. Consumers are savvy, and the retail experience continues to evolve with available technology.  Whether through personal mobile devices, kiosks or in-person shopping, consumers are browsing, comparing, locating, and purchasing products through a variety of channels, and they expect their experiences to be the same wherever they choose to shop.

The Fundamentals

Build A Consistent Presence And A Coherent Strategy

  • How do your mobile, online and in-store branding and shopping experiences compare?
  • Are you setting accurate customer expectations across all channels?

Ensure The Complex Mix Of Systems And Stakeholders Are All Working In One Direction

  • Are your store managers, marketing executives and e-commerce gurus working to one vision?
  • Are all all corporate e-commerce initiatives knit together to support one digital presence?
  • Is there a clear manager for all the e-commerce vendors and suppliers you’ve chosen?

Provide Well-Equipped Sales Support And Easy Checkout Wherever Your Customers Shop

  • Can your in-store sales clerks support the consumer with access to all products and endless aisle capabilities?
  • Can customers purchase your products anywhere they can find them with an easy, one-click buying experience?
  • Is your purchasing process simple and streamlined across all channels?

Compile Customer History, Profiling And Lifetime Value Metrics To Inform Your Business

  • Do you recognize your customers regardless of which “door” they use?
  • Can browsing, purchasing, returning, and tracking be done effortlessly across channels?
  • Are you able to save the customer time by tailoring the shopping experience?

Create A Flexible Technical Architecture That Leaves You Poised for Growth

  • Is your technical architecture flexible enough to support new channels (kiosks? salesforce solutions? franchising?)
  • Are you putting in the necessary safeguards to protect your customer data?

In the News

The Envisa Difference

  • From on-location interior designers to sales clerks to tradeshow personnel, we’ve equipped front-line salespeople with fully-integrated tablet-based solutions for a seamless shopping experience across all channels.
  • We’ve designed and implemented flexible e-commerce technical architectures that support traditional channels as well as kiosk and franchising sales models
  • We’ve integrated our clients’ back-end data to provide complete customer history and lifetime value profiles to enable omnichannel marketing

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