Are You Nimble Enough to Respond?

Gone are the days when mobile could simply be a smaller version of the desktop website. Mobile computing is a driving force behind new patterns of consumer behavior, and harnessing mobile technology is crucial for a successful e-commerce presence.

For B2C e-commerce, capitalizing on microinteractions and not just sales conversions is paramount.  When supporting B2B contracts with mobile functionality, e-commerce solutions must include targeted designs for mobile devices, yet remain fully unified across all platforms.

The Fundamentals

Solution design should capitalize on mobile’s unique capabilities.

  • Are your designs informed by a true understanding of changing consumer behavior?
  • Do you have solid analytics to support your design assumptions?
  • Are your designs responsive and fully unified across desktop, tablet and mobile?

Designing across platforms is complex.  Get it right the first time with prototyping.

  • Allow all stakeholders to experience designs across platforms without large investments in building and rebuilding full solutions.
  • Ensure written requirements are translated into effective design the first time by rapidly prototyping solutions up-front.

Tailor mobile interfaces to the tasks consumers are doing.

  • Even though mobile conversion rates lag behind desktop, don’t ignore the importance of mobile. Browsing, researching and locating products and offers on mobile often represent critical steps in the consumer’s decision to purchase later on.
  • Is your business capitalizing on social media to support its marketing and mobile campaign?
  • Mobile offers unique information (e.g. customer location).  How are you leveraging mobile to target offers to customers?
  • What can evolving mobile capabilities (e.g. force touch) do for you and is it worth the investment?

In the News

The Envisa Difference

  • Envisa designs, develops, implements and supports flexible, responsive solutions that unify the customer experience across all devices, including mobile.
  • We’re committed to reducing development time and cost by utilizing our rapid prototyping process which allows clients to visualize their designs on all platforms and make changes early to avoid expensive rework and unnecessary delays down the line.
  • Since our inception, Envisa has focused on helping our retail clients navigate all the dynamic changes of the last decade and more. Our expertise is in understanding consumer behavior and delivering solutions to optimize retail wherever it occurs: mobile, tablet, laptop, phone or in-store.

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