Is Your Brand Ready to Get Personal?

With a millenial generation increasingly looking for individualized product choices and social media driving rapid style changes, online retailers are turning to custom configured products to improve sales and retain customers. Amidst a burgeoning do-it-yourself “maker movement,” the idea of custom-created products is here to stay.

If you’re not considering how custom configuration can grow your retail business, you may be falling behind.  Not only can custom configured products meet a new and growing demand for individualization, they can also increase brand loyalty and improve customer retention.

The Fundamentals

Give the Consumer What They Want

  • Are customers experiencing problems with the existing product catalog that can be addressed through a configurator?
  • What properties of existing products can be configured?
  • What benefits will consumers realize through configuration?

Utilize Advanced Technology to Facilitate Configuration

  • Rendering
  • Pricing
  • Manipulating
  • Tracking
  • Sharing

Fully Integrate your Customization Engine with your Back-End Processing

  • Sales
  • Customer History
  • Product Catalog
  • Pricing and Distribution
  • Social Media

Ensure Manufacturing and Logisitics Considerations are Addressed for all Configured Products

  • Can I make it?
  • Can I price it?
  • Can I ship it?
  • Can I remember it?

In the News

The Envisa Difference

  • Envisa has been providing fully-integrated product configuration since 2006.
  • Long before off-the-shelf tools were available to support custom configuration, Envisa built a proprietary configurator that has served as a personalization engine for our clients for almost a decade.
  • Leveraging high-performance technologies like Backbone.js and MongoDB, Envisa has provided multi-platform configurators for use by both end consumers and front-line sales personnel alike.

What We Do

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